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The Man Behind the Metal Detector

NEW YORK TIMES: "Every morning, I stand behind the metal detectors, searching bags as students enter the school. They come clutching iced coffee and bags of chips, their faces burned by the wind. Sometimes they raise a hand in greeting, but mostly they look off into the distance, bobbing their heads to the music in their earbuds."

Subject, Verb, Object

NARRATIVE MAGAZINE: "Anh-Thuy Nguyen, who recently bleached her hair and told everybody she wanted to be called Ashley, had her head smashed repeatedly onto the hallway floor while in the classroom Mr. Bauer’s back was turned to write on the board."

An Occupation

GRANTA: "Before coming to the West Bank, Nathan worked for years as piano tuner, which left him with a nervous tic: one more slight turn of the crank, one more gentle pull, and the pitch will be perfect. He has begun to see the world as an instrument of dense hardwood and heavy alloy, pulled into a state of constant tension, to see himself as the only person capable of getting the damn thing into equal temperament."

Still These Students Rise

COGNOSCENTI: "The night before the inauguration, the Strand Theater in Dorchester was packed for an event called 'Together We Rise: A Counter-Inaugural Celebration of Resistance.' On the stage, musicians played songs of freedom, comedians cracked jokes about our incoming president and activists delivered testimonials on how his proposed policies would impact their lives."


KENYON REVIEW: "Last week there was a brawl out by the bus stop and some kid got stabbed seven times, and then yesterday Claire caught a boy with a hunting knife stashed in his boot. Today, anything can happen."

Kenyon Review Interview

KENYON REVIEW: "I believe that we’re trying to shape language into something of lasting beauty, but that literature has to be more than pretty words; we need tell stories that engage with the important questions of our time."

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